Composite facings

Composite facings/veneers

Composite facings/veneers

are like a false front for teeth, we can use them to:

 - improve colour where bleaching is not an option

 - change the shape of teeth

 - close gaps

Composite veneers are shaped directly in the mouth from white filling material. They are painless but do take around 45 minutes per tooth.  They will last about 5 years after which the composite may start to discolour and need touching up or even full replacement.

There is no cutting of the tooth; this means that when we add about 1 mm thickness of white filling material, the teeth will feel fatter. It also means that the veneers are completely reversible.

If you prefer, you can opt for porcelain veneers. These are a more translucent colour and will last around 10 years but are at least twice the price. The front enamel is cut away the so the finished veneer is about the same thickness as the original tooth, therefore they are not reversible.


  • choose a colour or layers of colour
  • clean the tooth with disks and etchant
  • place a bonding agent (glue)
  • build up the colour and shape that we want
  • adjust for the bite and polish

What we need from you:

Really healthy gums- lots of flossing and brushing so that there is no bleeding, we cannot place good veneers with poor gums.

The ability to sleep or at least relax deeply with your mouth open. Each veneer takes around 45 minutes so those patients having 4-6 will be in the chair for a long time (we do have small breaks!).  Multiple veneers are always done at the same time so that colour and shape can be balanced.

Item number - Direct veneer 582

We can do free in-mouth mock ups in about 10 minutes to give you an idea of how the finished product would look.


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