Crowns and bridges

Crowns and Bridges

After the initial diagnosis there are usually two appointments required for the completion of a crown or bridge.

The first appointment

This is the longer of the two appointments. A crown will take approximately 90 minutes; bridges vary depending on their size

Dental impressions will be taken so that temporary crowns can be made.

Your tooth will be trimmed to allow room for the construction of a crown.

An impression is then taken so that the finished crown can be made

A temporary crown or bridge is fitted to cover the tooth while the finished crown or bridge is being made.

The temporary crown is fixed in place with temporary cement, which allows us to remove it later. Although it will be tooth coloured, it will not be the same shade as the finished crown, which will match your other teeth.

The second appointment

Two weeks later the completed crown or bridge will be ready for cementing in place. This usually takes 30 minutes

The temporary crown is removed

The finished crown or bridge is positioned to check the fit and colour.

The crown or bridge is then cemented in position.

This concludes the treatment

After 20 minutes you can eat and drink without restriction.

Item numbers

613 - All-ceramic crown

615 - Porcelain fused to gold crown

618 - Gold crown


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