Decay Risk

What is my risk of tooth decay?

Food and drinks are converted by bacteria in your mouth into acid. This acid will hang around your teeth for about 20 minutes until it is buffered by saliva. Repeated acid attacks will soften the enamel of your teeth until the surface gives way and creates a cavity.

Unfortunately fillings do not restore a tooth to 100% of its former strength. A filled tooth is more susceptible to decay, cracking and fracturing.

Best bet is to avoid decay in the first place

Check the statements below, the more you agree the worse your risk

I do not brush thoroughly twice a day

I have not flossed or used interdental brushes between my teeth at least 3 x this week

I drink less than 1 litre of plain water every day

I have more than 3 sugar hits per day

I take regular medication (especially for controlling blood pressure or depression)

It is difficult to clean around my teeth

I have had decay in the past couple of years

I can tell that I am failing this test

Basic decay avoidance

Brush twice a day for two minutes

Floss or use inter-dental brushes between your teeth a few times a week - more often  if your gums are an issue

Drink 1½ l water per day

Keep sugar frequency down

Additional measures for higher risk (you answered yes to most of the statements)

Use the extra fluoride toothpaste Neutrafluor 5000 at night, don't rinse

Smear "Tooth Mousse" onto the teeth with your finger last thing at night

I only look at your teeth once or twice a year, all the between times

they are in your hands. Remember that dentistry is punitive

- failure to follow guidelines will result in ....


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