Extraction post-op instructions

Instructions for care after dental extractions

  • Hold gauze on wound with pressure from closed teeth for 15-20 minutes
  • If there is still bleeding (not oozing) after you remove the gauze pack place another ensuring good pressure over the area. If you are still concerned after 3 packs- phone the surgery
  • Start your pain relief medication within 1 hour
  • Do not rinse your mouth for 6-8 hours
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking and strenuous exercise today
  • Eat and drink as normally as possible
  • Tomorrow rinse gently with warm salt water ( 1 tsp per glass) every 2 hours as required

Pain Control

Adults: use 1 of these 3 options

1. 400mg ibuprofen 4 hourly (up to a maximum of 12 tablets per 24 hours)= 2 x Nurofen (200mg ibuprofen) OR1 x Brufen (400mg ibuprofen, therefore 6 tablets maximum per 24 hours)

If this is not enough, after 2 hours ALSO take Panadol and alternate the two different painkillers every 2 hours

or 2. 1000mg paracetomol 4 hourly (up to a maximum of 8 tablets per 24 hours)= 2 x Panadol

or 3.  2 x Panadiene extra (500 mg paracetamol +15 mg codeine)  OR  2 x Panadiene Forte (500 mg paracetamol + 30 mg codeine)

After the first day drop the Panadiene Forte and just use Panadol and ibuprofen

Ibuprofen contra indications

Do not take ibuprofen if asthmatic, if pregnant, if advised by pharmacist or GP or on the following medications: Blood pressure medications, aspirin or warfarin.

Alternate regimes for patients with allergies

Paracetamol allergy

Aspalgin = (aspirin + 8mg codeine) 6 hourly


Ibuprofen 400mg 8 hourly + codeine phosphate 30mg 6 hourly

Codeine allergy- use as directed on packet

Capadex OR Digesic OR Paradex

Unable to take tablets- use as directed on packet

Paracetamol soluble 250mg (4 tablets, 6 hourly), Paracetomol chewable 120mg (8 tablets, 6 hourly), Painstop 120mg/5mls (40mls, 6 hourly), Nurofen suspension 100mg/5mls (20mls, 8 hourly)

Dry Socket

This can be an unpleasant complication following an extraction. It is characterized by a deep boring pain in the extraction area coming on 4 days after the extraction. A dry socket happens when the blood clot in the extraction site is lost before healing begins. The clot can be lost due to residual infection, a difficult extraction, poor post operative care or smoking. The resulting socket is “dry” meaning it is bare bone exposed to the mouth. The pain will last 10 days, decreasing in severity with time. We can place a dressing in the socket to help you through this time so call if you think you have a problem.



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