Home guide for serious problems

Everyone's home guide to nasty dental problems

Yes, that pain is a sign that life may be about to take a dental turn for the worse


Symptoms - Hot and cold sensitivity not just at the gum line, sore to floss.

Signs- visible hole, lost filling.

Why- too much sugar, not enough water, not enough flossing/cleaning, not listening to Jo.

Treatment – remove the decay and restore the tooth

Cracked teeth

Symptoms- Short sharp pain when you chew something firm, no pain when not chewing on it. The pain doesn’t linger for long and doesn’t happen every time.

Signs- we get you to put biting pressure on different areas of tooth until “Bingo!”

Why- There is a crack in the tooth that allows flexing under pressure causing pain

Treatment- we can remove the cracked section and place a filling or wait until the piece breaks off and do it then.


Symptoms- spontaneous, throbbing pain that comes and goes. Can be difficult to pin point the tooth that is causing the problem. Can be accompanied by swelling

Signs- tooth sore to tap on, tooth doesn’t feel the cold but can be sore to hot. Tender to finger pressure on the bone over the root tips.

Why- the nerve inside the tooth has died and become infected. The surrounding healthy bone is trying to tell you to “DO SOMETHING!”

Treatment- get rid of the infection by removing the nerve (root canal treatment) or remove the tooth. Systemic antibiotics are of limited use as they cannot penetrate into the root canal system, they will however give short term relief. Call early in the morning, tell us the symptoms, we’ll get you in today or tomorrow

Split tooth

Symptoms- severe pain suddenly comes on in a tooth. Pain washes over you like a wave and is quite unbearable.

Signs- patient looks grey and can not think of anything else but the pain, tooth has visible split (may have to remove filling to see it)

Why- tooth has a crack that runs down the root and allows infection to travel down a highway to the nerve

Treatment-extraction is the only treatment. We can not glue the tooth together. CALL EARLY IN THE MORNING, TELL US THE SYMPTOMS, WE’LL GET YOU IN TODAY.

Dry socket

Symptoms- 4 days after an extraction the pain in the socket becomes worse rather than better. Dull, deep, constant, boring pain

Signs- socket looks empty

Why- the blood clot has been lost before healing is well advanced. Bare bone is visible and it doesn’t like being spat on.

Treatment- it is going to take 10 days for the gum to cover the bone and the pain to be completely gone. We can place an oil of cloves dressing in the socket to relieve the ache but the material may need replacing a couple of times.


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