Whitening - patient instructions

Teeth whitening instructions

Before whitening, brush your teeth and rinse well. Load the gel into your custom whitening tray. Use no more than 1/3 to 1/2 of a syringe.

Put the whitening gel into the front of the whitening trays

(You only need to put in a drop about the size of a half grain of rice)

Place tray carefully over the teeth, checking that there are no air bubbles

Remove any excess gel with a clean finger or a tissue.

Wear your tray for the appropriate time:

 Opalescence 10% for 8 hours or overnight

 Opalescence 16% for 2-4 hours

After use, rinse your mouth well but do not brush your teeth for half an hour after removing the trays. Clean your tray with a soft toothbrush and cold tap water then store the tray in the case provided.

Whitening Tips and Precautions:

A small percentage of patients experience sensitivity when whitening. Should this occur, stop treatment for a day or two then try again. You can also place some desensitising toothpaste into the tray and wear it for 20 minutes. Do this for a couple of days before retrying the gel

Foods and juices high in citric acid can add to tooth sensitivity

Do not smoke or eat while wearing the trays

The tips of the teeth usually whiten first giving an appearance of banding. Keep using the gel and this will even out

Grey teeth take much longer to whiten, 6-8 weeks or even longer. A slow, low concentration gel works best. Severely stained teeth will not become evenly whitened

Some patients have noticed temporary discomfort of the gums, lips, throat or tongue. Should any of these symptoms persist for more than two days, or worsen, call the dental surgery. The side effects will usually subside within 1-3 days after treatment is discontinued.

Pregnant women should not whiten their teeth

Do not use household bleach to whiten teeth

Coffee, tobacco and other products can restain your teeth over time. Teeth can be rewhitened with just a few applications of gel.

Consult the surgery as soon as possible if you have any questions about the system


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